- Come fully present God
         - Exercise the authority of Christ over all of the other voices
         - Ask Jesus to come in a special way and reveal Himself to you
         - Ask Him to search your heart
         - Ask Him to speak to you
         - Wait in silence for God's communication
         - Jot down the impressions He brings          
  • Model of Human Behavior (Click Sequentially Below on the Ways We've Been Created in the Image of God)
           a. We experience longings just like God (Luke 13:34 & Like 22:15)
           b. We think and reason just like God (We are rational creatures)
           c. We make choices and have a will just like God (We are volitional) 
           d. We experience emotions just like God does (Jesus wept)
           e. When truth resides in the inmost part, we are the most like God


  1. I so appreciate your ministry and have benefited greatly from the "tools" section of your blog.

    I was a little dismayed to discover that you have not included "The Father Wound" by Agape Ministries together with "The Mother Wound". That wound is as significant a wound to the brokenhearted. Until you have an opportunity to remedy this, I suggest your readers simply "google" the words "The Father Wound" to access the article on their own.

    I am praying for you and your ministry with gratitude!

    Because of Jesus,

  2. Diana,

    I'm glad your benefiting from the ministry God has called me to be a part of.

    Thanks for the heads up - I'll add the Agape Father Wound teaching. Have you looked at "The Father Wound 2012 version" under "Storyboards"? If not, when you get a chance you may want to take a look.

    Thanks also for your prayers - you are a blessing!

  3. Rusty,
    Ohmygoodness! I missed "The Father Wound 2012 version" under "Storyboards!!! Oops!! Many thanks!!! I am eager to use this tool!!


  4. Diana,

    Glad you can use it in your ministry.