Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Last year I gave the booklet "God Guides" by Mary Geegh to Debora Barr. "God Guides" is a small booklet that contains accounts written by Mary Geegh of what happened when she began to listen to God for her daily guidance. She made a promise to God that if He would speak to her, she would do whatever He said to her. Here is Debora's story of one application of this booklet in the summer of 2014. 

"I had an amazing experience two days ago that I need to share! I have been practicing Listening Prayer - being still before God and asking for His guidance. I was driving to church for the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit and I prayed Isaiah 55:2(a): "Incline your ear, and come to Me. Hear, and your soul shall live." Not 15 seconds later, I heard God say, "see that woman over there? Go tell her I love her and give her some money." 

I turned my car around and pulled up next to her as she was walking down the sidewalk - she looked at me and yelled "don't come near me - I will do it!" She then proceeded to put a razor to her face and started cutting a large patch of skin from her cheek. Now she was bleeding!

I said "STOP! please come here - I have a message for you from God." She came to my car window with blood running down her face. I told her God loves her and that he had asked me to tell her that and to give her the money in my hand. 

She began to tear up and asked if I would give her a hug. I got out of my car, came around to her and embraced her warmly - I then proceeded to witness to her telling her how much God loves her and how beautiful she is. 

This was a life-altering experience for me! Have the courage to be still before God - hear His voice - and be obedient to anything He asks you to do! We are his hands and feet and arms and love on this earth!"

To get your copy of "God Guides" click on the below link from Amazon.com.  


Warning: reading this booklet may permanently altar the way you do life.


  1. Great write up on hearing God and obeying, but what happened to the woman? Dd she bleed to death, did she come to faith, did she go to the hospital?

  2. The wound the woman had was not life threatening and it wasn't necessary to go to the hospital. She had come to faith previously, but wasn't walking closely with God and was going through a bad moment. The woman spirits were lifted by what God lead Debora to do: it was what she needed!