If you, your ministry, church, or city would like to host a Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer Training Seminar (Meeting God in the Broken Places), please send us an exploratory email to


Upcoming Events: 

  • Currently, we do not have another event planned. Usually seminars come about when we are invited to do one by a church or person. If you'd like to explore having a seminar in your city / church / or other facility, drop us a note at so that we can begin a dialogue.


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  2. I tried emailing the above address and it was sent back with this message

    "Your message couldn't be delivered because the group you're sending to needs to know who you are before it will accept your message.

    To fix this problem, ask the email admin for the group to configure the group to accept messages from you."

    Can you help? My husband and I are up in Portland, but would like to attend if there is still availability.