"For it is good to sing praises unto our God” 
Psalm 147:1 

“It is good because it is right; good because it is acceptable with God, beneficial to ourselves, and stimulating to our fellows. The goodness of an exercise is good argument with good men for its continual practice. Singing the divine praises is the best possible use of speech: it speaks of God, for God, and to God, and it does this in a joyful and reverent manner. Singing in the heart is good, but singing with heart and voice is better, for it allows others to join with us.” 
 Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1893), "Treasury of David" (Written over two decades)

"I can safely say, on the authority of all that is written in the Word of God, that any man or woman on this earth who is bored or turned off by worship in not ready for heaven."  -- A.W. Tozer

"Worship is what we were created for. This is the final end of all existence-the worship of God. God created the universe so that it would display the worth of His glory. And He created us so that we would see this glory and reflect it by knowing and loving it-with all our heart and soul and mind and strength." -- John Piper

A great song in English and Spanish to comfort a broken heart:

Five recently added worship songs:
  • All Things New performed by Elevation Worship.
  • I Delight In You (A video montage of a song by John Nuttall based on Zephaniah 3:17).
  • Forever by Bethel/Johnson/Jobe as performed by WorshipMob: an 18 minute worship experience.
  • Seek My Face Psalm 27:8-9 “When You said, ‘Seek My face,’ my heart said to You, ‘Your face, O Lord, I shall seek.’ Do not hide Your face from me ...” Proverbs 25:2 “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” A unique worship pursuit by Misty Edwards. 
  • The King Among Us performed by Elevation Worship.

Cross Cultural Worship - Very Moving 
  • Alpha and Omego (A Zimbabwe worship song - a continent of Africa worship experience led by Israel and the New Breed live from South Africa. "We give You all the glory, we worship You our Lord, You are worthy to be praised!") 
  • Don't Give Up (Link repaired: Are you discouraged and defeated? This song by Shawn McDonald may bring you the encouragement you need) 
  • Even If (What if the underlying goal of inner healing isn't really healing ... but instead deep intimacy with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?)
  • Te Amo - I Love You (Latin and African American culture by Israel and the New Breed featuring T Bone)
  • You Are God Alone (Performed by Levende Steen Ministries in English with lyrics in German)
Newly Posted Worship Songs Since February 8, 2015
  • I Get On My Knees (The essential importance of prayer by Jaci Velasquez)
  • Here I Am for You (Can I sit with You a while? Can I listen to Your heart? Can I feel it beat with mine? A song of intimacy with God the Father by Steve Fee)
  • Christ Be All Around Me (As written by All Sons and Daughters and Leeland, performed by Gabriel Hughes. "Above and below me, before and behind me, Christ be all around me!"
  • Christ Be All Around Me (Performed by Michael W Smith and Leeland. "Your life, Your death, Your blood was shed, for every moment.") 
  • All I Want (“All I have is a love that set my world on fire. Let it fall, let it burn in me!” by Michael W. Smith) 
  • My God is King (A beautiful worship song sung by by Pablo Perez and Laura Hackett) 
  • One Desire (Here I am just for You, wanting only You ... in Your presence Lord, I will find my strength by Kari Jobe with a moving video background)
  • We Cry Out (We cry out to God - Adonai, El Shaddai, Lord Most High - Jesus Christ: we rely on You by Kari Jobe)

Other Incredible Worship Songs:
  • Abundantly (When your life seems overwhelmed by chaos, Christ as able to give New Life ... abundantly. By Avalon)
  • Adore (Adore is a moving love song of adoration and worship to the only One who is truly worthy by Jaci Velasquez)   
  • All to Him ("For every fear that closes in, He is closer. For every doubt that comes on strong, He is stronger. For every every battle that we face, He has conquered." by New Life Worship)
  • All Who Are Thirsty (Nothing but Your will for me. I am only free when You come. Come Lord Jesus, come!) by Kutless  
  • All You've Ever Wanted (All God has ever wanted is your heart by Casting Crowns) 
  • The New A Mighty Fortress is Our God (You'll never reject us - the faithful One" by Aaron Shust.
  • Angel Song (Let us join the sound, let us join the singing, let us join the song by the Desperation Band with lyrics in HD)
  • Already There (Experiencing fear and anger because life seems out of control. Look to the One to whom your future is actually a memory and says before you were born I knew and destined you for a special purpose! By Casting Crowns)
  • Always ("Jesus, You're my everything. The cross, You did that just for me." By Kirk Franklin with lyrics and a piano worship medley at the end)
  • Amazed (A moving song of our amazing God by Jared Anderson on the Desperation Band of New Life Church in Colorado Springs)
  • At the Cross (Darlene Zschech is, without doubt, one of the most influential and inspired composer / worship leaders to the English speaking world in our generation. Hillsong worship at its' best)
  • Awake My Soul ("Bones, I will make breath into you, and you will come to life" from Ezekiel 37:5 by Chris Tomlin featuring Lecrae).
  • Awakening (New from Hillsong - Awake my soul and sing - This is my awakening)
  • Beautiful by Shawn McDonald (When I look at the stars, the sun, the moon and the vastness of the universe - what am I that You should take thought of me?)
  • Beauty for Ashes (Jesus wants to convert the ashes of our lives into a thing of beauty)
  • Because of Who You Are (I worship not because of what You do ... but because of who You are by Vicki Yohe) 
  • Beloved (Tenth Avenue North)  This is who God created you to become.
  • Break Every Chain (All power has been given unto Me on heaven and earth - Jesus) as performed by Jesus Culture
  • Break Every Chain (There's an army rising up to break every chain in every nation) by Tasha Cobbs
  • Break Every Chain (All sufficient sacrifice, so freely given at such a price, for our redemption heaven's gate swing wide) by WorshipMob (United Pursuit)
  • Breathe Into Me, O Lord (When the battle makes me weary and it seems like I’ve lost ground, it's so hard to hear Your voice, Lord - with distractions all around. But if You, God, breathe into me, I'll never be the same - by Fred Hammond featuring Michael Bethany) 
  • The Bright and Morning Star ("You are" God by the Katinas)
  • Come to the Water (Revival is in the air. Passion 2013 Finale featuring Kristian Stanfield, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Christy Nockels and others)
  • Cornerstone ("My hope is build on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness." My anchor holds within the veil! by Hillsong with lyrics) 
  • The Creed - Trinity (This worship song by Avalon is thought provoking with excellent quotes from Jeff Imbach and a 14th century Augustinian monk) 
  • Every Praise is to Our God (Flash mob: it'll brighten your day!)  
  • Forgiveness by TobyMac and LaCrae (Cause we all make mistakes sometimes, and we've all stepped across that line, but nothing sweeter than that day we find: Forgiveness) 
  • Forgiveness - The Incredible Power of Forgiving (7 times 70 times by Chris August)
  • Glorious (Towards Your light I come running - Newsboys)
  • God's Not Dead by the Newsboys (He's alive and well - living on the inside and roaring like a lion!)
  • God, You are My God Link repaired on Feb 3, 2017 (No praise can define You. No thought can contain You, God by the Desperation Band with lyrics in HD)  
  • Good To Be Alive (I wanna live like there's no tomorrow, love like I'm on borrowed time, cause it's good just to be alive) By Jason Gray.
  • Grace (The key ingredient to the rich life of Faith - M. W. Smith.
  • Gravity by Shawn McDonald (When life on the planet is pulling you down, this song will lift you up) 
  • Great I Am (There is no power in hell or any who can stand, before the power and the presence of the Great I Am) by Phillips, Criag & Dean.
  • Healing Is In Your Hand (How high, how wide, no matter where I am, healing is in You hand by Christy Nockles) 
  • He Snapped Their Chains (Only Jesus can set the captive free - "No More Chains")
  • Here in Your Presence (Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious by New Life Worship in Colorado Springs in English and Spanish)
  • Here with Me Link repaired on Feb 3, 2017 (Reveal Yourself to me by MercyMe) 
  • Hold On (You know that God can feel your pain ... so hold on and don't give up) by James Fortune, Monica, Fred Hammond & FIYA 
  • Holy (There is no one like You - there's only one word to describe You) by Kim Walker - Jesus Culture
  • Holy Spirit (I've tasted and seen of the sweetest of love where my heart becomes free and my shame is undone - Your presence Lord ... by Brian & Katie Torwait)
  • How Great Is Our God (Live World Edition sung in many different languages. Jesus is the Name above all names!) 
  • How Great is Our God World Edition with Lyrics (Sung in English and many other different languages: Los tres en uno son, la Santa Trinidad, cordero y leon, cordero y leon!)
  • I Am (God calls us into being the man or woman He says we are. By Kirk Franklin)
  • I Can Only Imagine Link repaired on Feb 3, 2017 (Orchestral version with life-giving photography that will help you imagine being home with Him) 
  • I Don't Wanna' Fall Away from You (Keith Green oldie that I never get tired of)
  • I Exalt You (By Campbell Platt - a great visual experience of the greatness of our Creator)
  • If God Were to Sing You His Song (This song will help you to see yourself through the eyes of God the Father) 
  • I Look to You (A story and a powerful song about the power of negative words of criticism and the transformation that can take place when we look out of ourselves to God for the strength we need to go on by Selah)
  • I Need You ("Where sin runs deep Your grace is more. Where grace is found is where You are! Where You are, Lord, I am free. Holiness is Christ in me." By Matt Mahler)  
  • Imagine Me (Fix your eyes on Jesus and allow Him to define You: Kirk Franklin)
  • I'm Broken Inside (If weakness is a wound that no one wants to speak of. I'm not alright, I'm broken inside by Sanctus Real)
  • I See Jesus (By Greg Long) Inner healing - where was Jesus in the midst of the wounding event?
  • I Shall Not Want (From the love of my own comfort, from a fear of having nothing ... deliver me oh God by Audrey Assad)
  • I Surrender (Desperation, hunger, and thirst often lead us to deep surrender to God) by Hillsong Australia.
  • I Will Rejoice (By William Murphy. Be rejoicing in the Lord Always. Again I say be rejoicing. This song helps to get our eyes off of self & onto Him.)
  • I Will Trust You Link repaired on Feb 3, 2017 (The ability to trust God when life is going well is easy, but in the difficulties, it is a choice by Bryan & Katie Torwalt)
  • Jesus Hold Me Now ("One day you're a prince, the next one you're a slave." For those with a deep yearning for the comfort of the Holy Spirit by Casting Crowns
  • Jesus is Coming for His Pure Bride (Two powerful worships songs are combined: "Jesus" by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera followed by "Pure Bride by Leeland)  
  • Just Like You (Explores the role of substitutionary male role models and how they pale in comparison to Jesus Christ by Lecrae)
  • Keep Making Me ("Make me broken so I can be healed. 'Cause I'm so calloused and now I can feel" by Sidewalk Prophets) 
  • King of All Glory (Holy Are You, Lord by New Life Worship in Colorado Springs)
  • Lifesong (May the song of my life be pleasing to You by MercyMe) 
  • Like an Avalanche ("And I find myself here on my knees again, caught up in grace like an avalanche. Nothing compares to this love" by Hillsong in Miami)  
  • Lord, I Need You (Where sin runs deep, Your grace is more, where grace is at, is where You are ... holiness is Christ in me by Chris Tomlin)
  • Lord, I Need You (Where grace is found, is where You are ... where You are, Lord I am free ... holiness is Christ in me! by Matt Mahler) 
  • Lose My Soul (What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world if, in the process, he loses his own soul?) By Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin and Mandisa)
  • Love Lifted Me (Let this new and powerful version of of this age old Truth lift you out of the miry pit and set your feet upon the Rock by Ashmont Hill)
  • Man of Sorrows (Hillsong Live from their new 2013 Album Glorious Ruins with lyrics)  
  • Mirror (The body and the self image battle by BarlowGirl)
  • My God By Desperation Band. Comfort is for all the hurting and the kingdom for the poor.
  • My God (All of the good You are reaches my darkest parts, lifting the weight and the scars that had a hold on my by Jeremy Camp)  
  • Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Spirit lead me, where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters wherever You would call Me by Hillsong United) 
  • One More Time (A heart moving song about the incredible benefits of listening to God one more time by The Katinas) NOTE: the version of "One More Time" in Spanish is "Otra vez"
  • One Thing Remains (There is no fear in love. Your love never gives up, it never give up on me. On and on and on it goes ... by Jesus Culture)  
  • Overcome ("They overcame him because of the blood of the lamb ..." - Rev 12:11 by New Life Worship with "Passion of the Christ" filmclips)
  • Nothing is Wasted (Though, at times, life seems random and out of control, God is able to work whatever has happened to us for our good - nothing is wasted) by Jason Gray. "Don't waste the pain!") 
  • Praise in the Midst of the Storm (The presence of God in the midst of difficulty - Casting Crowns)
  • The Prayer and Hosanna by Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, and Kirk Franklin (If this doesn't move your heart, it may be time to see your doctor!)
  • Renew Me (Why do I live like I'm in chains when You have set me free by Avalon)
  • Resting Place (Heaven is My Throne and earth is My footstool ... whom of You will hear the cry of My heart ... by Brian Doerksen)  
  • Restless (You are the keeper of my heart and I'm restless until I rest in You: Oh speak now for my soul is listening. By Audrey Assad) 
  • Rooftops ("All the good You've done to me, I lift up my hands for all to see, You're the Only One who brings me to my knees.") by Jesus Culture) 
  • Satisfy (When the battle weakens me, You will be my victory, You supply my every need ... only You can satisfy by Aaron Shust)
  • Set Me Free (He came to set the prisoners free by healing the broken places in our hearts as in Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4:18 by Casting Crowns)
  • Spoken For (A song that will help you enter in and experience your God given identity by MercyMe)
  • Steal My Show by TobyMac (Often we're afraid to take initiative in something God wants us to do, but then HE shows up and works in our behalf and steals the show!
  • Strong God (Father of the fatherless, defender of the weak and freedom for the prisoner ... by New Life Worship with lyrics in HD)  
  • Thirsting for God as the Only One Who Can Quench My Dryness (A devotional taken from a quiet time on a somber day in September with "Oh God You are My God" by Fernando Ortega.)  
  • This is Amazing Grace (Who breaks the power of sin and darkness ... the King of Glory and above all kings composed by Josh Farro, Phil Wickham & Jeremy Riddle and performed by Phil Wickham) 
  • Voice of Truth (Are you confused by all of the voices going on in your head? We need to lsiten to the One True Voice which is the "Voice of Truth")
  • You Are (By Colton Dixon about how God meets us in our neediness.)
  • You Are Good (Your mercy calls me to be like You, Your favor is my delight, by Gateway Worship)
  • You Are God Alone (By Phillips, Craig, and Dean)
  • You Are Holy {I Saw the Lord} (This song takes us into the presence of God in a very powerful way by Christ for the Nations Worship)
  • You Hold Me Now (On the day when I'll see all that You have for me ~ when I see You face-to-face, there surrounded by Your grace! by Hillsong) 
  • You Put the Light in Me (My life before I came to know You was like a flame burning down. I was a flame burning out. But now ... by Brandon Heath)
  • You're Beautiful (We may experience ourselves as though we're not worth much and wonder if we are even lovable, but ... by MercyMe)
  • Your Grace Found Me (We didn't really chose Him - He choose us to belong to Him by Rush of Fools)
  • Your Great Name (The enemy has to leave at the sound of Your Great Name by Natalie Grant) 
  • You Speak (You liberate me from my own noise and my own internal chaos, from the chains of a lesser love You set me free: You speak by Audrey Assad)
  • Waiting Here for You By Martin Smith of Delirious?. How blessed is the man or woman who waits on God.
  • Waiting Here for You By Christy Nockels (An anointed worship experience of an incredible song to take you into God's presence)
  • The Way (Shine bright, let Your glory fill this land) 
  • We Cry Out (Father of life, seated on Your Throne of Grace, it's only by Your mercy we are saved - amazing worship by Gateway) 
  • We Won't Be Shaken (YOU know my every longing. YOU'VE heard my every prayer, YOU'VE held me in my weakness, cause YOU are always there by Building 429)
  • When I Hear the Praises Start (An incredibly deep and moving song about completion and rest from the late Keith Green)
  • When Mercy Found Me (In one moment everything changed ... when mercy found me) By Rhett Walker Band.
  • When the Stars Burn Down (The end of the age is upon us by Phillips Craig & Dean)
  • While I'm Waiting (I will move ahead with confidence as I take every step in obedience while I'm waiting by John Waller from "Fireproof")
  • Whom Shall I Fear (When all You are is glorious, powerful, true and good in all You do; whom shall I fear by Lincoln Brewster and Kari Jobe)  
  • Whom Shall I Fear (Worship the God of Angel Armies who's always by your side) by Chris Tomlin.  
  • With All I Am (One of the great worship songs of our day written by Reuben Morgan and sung by Darlene Zschech and Hillsong, Australia)
  • With All I Am (Different version: I will worship You with all that I am - a must see worship experience by Hillsong ... )
  • With Everything (A song of high praise; worshiping God with every fiber of our being by Hillsong) 
  • Worn (Let me see redemption win, that you love a heart that's frail and torn. He came to heal the brokenhearted) by Tenth Avenue North 
  • You Are Amazing (You're the One who restored the brokenhearted by Lincoln Brewster)

Soaking Worship (For an unhurried time of worship in the presence of God)
  • Abide in Me ("And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking nd you will find. Keep on knocking and the door will be open to you." Luke 11:9 by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera)
  • Captured (This video/song portrays God's passionate love toward the one's He sent His Son to rescue by Kimberly & Alberto Rivera.
  • Fall Afresh (Spirit of the Living God, come fall afresh on me) by Jeremy Riddle. 
  • Father (God the Fathers' love and compassion for us is much higher than the heavens are above the earth by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera) 
  • Fearless Link repaired on Feb 3, 2017 (The enriching theme song of my 6 month intimacy with God sabbatical. By Alberto & Kimberly Rivera)
  • Heaven's Blessing (Heaven's Blessing is a live and spontaneous worship song that came forth as Alberto and Kimberly River were ministering to the Lord and a group of individuals. It contains a powerful prophetic message based on the promises of God.)
  • I Made You Just the Way You Are (Powerful soaking worship by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera)
  • In the Silence (Speechless in His presence by Jason Upton) 
  • Just Began (Eph 4:23 "And be renewed in the spirit of your mind" through the music of Alberto & Kimberly Rivera)
  • My Father's House (I hear the Father saying, "My house is your house" by Laura Rhinehart)
  • My Prayer (You are all I need by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera)
  • Show Me Your Face (With lyrics by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera)
  • Step Into Grace (Move into a great experience of His grace by Laura Rhinehart)
  • Streams, Wash Me & All (There's so much more to You by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera) 
  • The Longing (Jesus is the longing of our hearts by Kimberly & Alberto Rivera)
  • We Will Run to You (A song of deep repentance and renewal by Gungor) 
  • Wrap Me in Your Arms (Yearning to be in His embrace by Lisa Gungor: English & Portuguese - adoração Jesus!)
Special Presentations Made for Use in Other Countries
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