Sunday, May 13, 2012


Isaiah 61:1-4 makes it clear that the mission of the Messiah would include the inner healing of the nations. This Messianic prophecy written in 600 B.C. foretold that part of Jesus’ Gospel would be to bind up the brokenhearted and set captives free. Isaiah also foretold that this healing, beginning in His homeland, would multiply outward to the nations through His wounded healers.  Look at Isaiah 61:4: And they (the one’s He has set free) shall rebuild the old ruins, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.

Google Blogs makes it possible for me to see the primary countries that are viewing the Listening to God Forum. It’s extremely exciting to be part of a movement, isn’t it!  According to Google, there have been nearly 12,000 visits by people from every continent to the Blog (except Antarctica) since its’ inception in mid September of 2011.

The top ten visiting counties to the Blog are:
1.    USA 
2.    Russia 
3.    Ukraine
4.    United Kingdom 
5.    Canada 
6.    Germany
7.    Moldova 
8.    France 
9.    Latvia
10.  Chile

Other countries that have visited the Blog: Argentina, Cameroon, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Zimbabwe. It’s possible that you’ve visited the Blog and your country was mistakenly not listed. Sorry to have left you out. Let me know and I’ll make the correction.

I’d like to ask you to help convert the Listening to God Forum into a place of international dialogue where individuals from every nation, language, race, culture and ethnicity can share stories with one another regarding what we are seeing, learning, experiencing, and yearning for in the area of listening and inner-healing prayer.  For those who have read and studied A Guide for Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer, the forum could also be a place for sharing where God met us most profoundly, things we really like about the book, areas we’d like more input on, and suggestions for the second edition.

I have a dream / vision that people from Moldova could share what God is doing in the listening and healing realm with the people of Chile, that individuals in Russia could encourage people in Saudi Arabia. Wouldn’t it be helpful to somehow connect with others in your country or city that are seeking to engage in this important area of spiritual growth and development? My desire is that this Blog would become an international community for people around the globe who listen to the voice of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as a foundation to life … and who experience the inner healing of the broken places of the heart that are a result of growing up in a fallen and dysfunctional world.

I urge you to click on the comment button at the end of this post to share where you live. I'd love to know how you came across the Blog and any details you'd like to share about your journey. You can do this anonymously, give us a “user name,” or if you feel free to do so, your real name. If you do comment, what you write will not appear immediately. It will be sent to me to prevent scams of any kind. I will “publish” it within 24 hours and follow any instructions you give me. If you can’t figure out how to make a post, email me directly at  Let’s see if together we can’t connect hundreds of listeners from every continent and most nations into an international healing network.


  1. After several years in Europe on the mission field working with university students, I now live outside of Atlanta, near a large university. My husband and I are trying to reach and disciple students and young 20-somethings. I often use the definition of discipleship as "restoring what sin has damaged and destroyed". So many young people (and not-so-young also) are living their lives in pain-relief mode, broken by dysfunctional families, grief, guilt, shame, hopelessness. And they think it is normal because it is what they've always known and seen in others as well.

    Growing in Christ means growing in freedom and joy, becoming the person God made us to be. Not the person sin, both ours and other's, has led us to become instead. Scripture describes this as taking off the old self and putting on the new self. Unfortunately, common models of discipleship often focus on external conformity, morality, head knowledge and attendance at church events. What Jesus calls us to is so much more, so much deeper. It is impossible to experience the life He wants for us unless we invite Him in to the deepest places in our hearts, those places broken and often hidden.

    Leading young people to really listen to God, to let Him lead them to inner healing is a critical part of this. I hope to be a part of seeing what a community of listeners might look like in my context. And by extension, to see what a generation of believers, equipped to follow Jesus from the heart, might look like.

    I came across the book Listening Prayer through my own journey of emotional healing. I've found its principles to be true, practical and in my case, life-changing. A few years ago my life basically came screeching to a halt as external events surfaced deep pain. Unresolved grief. Lies I'd believed about God and myself as a result of childhood trauma. I'd normalized quite a bit that God never intended to be normal for His children. Jesus began walking me through the process of letting Him lead, listening to Him intently, and speaking truth and love into my woundedness. What a journey it has been! And continues to be. He has made Himself known to me so personally, intervening in my life with power and gentleness that has profoundly changed me forever. I love Him. I can't help myself. And I want others to know and experience this as well.

    I hope this forum becomes a vital and life-giving place for those in the trenches of hurting lives, seeking to make Jesus and His healing power known throughout the nations. I hope to be a part of this movement across the globe - connecting with others who know how to invite Jesus into the broken places and let Him do His work among us there.

    Deanna Davis

  2. Thanks Deanna for your heartfelt response to Post #33.

    I like where you say that in your healing process HE "intervened in your life with power and gentleness that has profoundly changed you forever." Powerful but gentle is an apt description of His amazing work as He brings healing to our brokenness!

    I also like your definition of discipleship as "restoring what sin has damaged and destroyed".

    I appreciate your Blog and highly recommend it to those who "hunger and thirst" for greater intimacy with the the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Check it out:

    Rusty R

  3. Hi Rusty,
    My name is Jennifer and I live in Albany, Oregon. I was referred to your blog by someone in the Portland area who contacted our church for Jamie and Donna Winship's materials. I think your book could be an excellent follow-up to their series and am starting to go through it with some women in our area. We are loving this topic and seeing God do amazing things! Thank you for helping us go deeper in this key area of spiritual life and ministy.

  4. Thanks Jen for your heartfelt comments. I'm so pleased that your going through the book I wrote with women in your area. You and the study will be in my prayers.

    The ministry of Jamie & Donna Winship is incredible. His six messages posted under Men's Fraternity at Grace Church are truly transformational for both men and women. I urge you to take the time to listen to all six. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! The link below automatically starts you off on the last of the 6 message. Be sure to work you way through them chronologically for maximum impact.

    He is Able, Rusty