This is another song that God has especially spoken to me through during my sabbatical. This soaking worship / prophetic song may be especially helpful for people who have children or who are planning on having a family.

Walk before Me and be holy and separated unto Me. Allow Me to be the One who refreshes you, who recreates you, who calls you into being, who is your best friend, and who puts my New Song in your heart. I am the ‘Song from Heaven’ that echoes across the chords of your heartstrings bringing new life to your very bones. Listen to Me, My son …  My daughter … yes, listen to Me. I am the rose of Sharon and the One who holds your hand and carries you through the thick and thin of life. Yes – I am HE! … Your Savior, Father, and very Best Friend. Come unto Me always with your ears and heart wide … wide open and I will FILL you with good things … like honey from the rock!

Let the person who has ears to hear recognize what the Spirit is saying.

Rather than watching the images of the video/song, I suggest following along by reading the words so that the message of the song may penetrate more deeply into your heart and mind.
Lyrics to “Just Began” by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera:

“Did you know that the hall of heaven...... has been waiting … for you to be known? Did you know … how much I have loved to simply say … ‘thank you’? I will honor you with long life I shall satisfy you. And you shall drink from the well that shall never run dry. For I shall come to you again and again and again. There shall be no lack of my abundant rain on you. Oh, I, I have need of you. You have only just began to live. You’ve only just began to breathe Me in. Just wait – you’re going to get to see My glory. You’re going to get to let go of everything you’ve been holding on to. You’re going to get to release and be made new!

For behold in you I make all things new! Even now, even now, I am restoring your youth … like the eagles. And you shall run with the Son … and you shall release My wisdom. You shall be pillars of strength … that can never be shaken. You shall never be shaken. Though the earth shall quake and the mountains shall fall into the depths of the sea. Though it’s water’s roaring forth … you shall not fear … you shall stand by and see My salvation … you shall see My redemption!

And your families … I am holding every one of your children … they are in My hands. And nothing can pry My grip loose. They were never in your hands. They have always been in My hands. And they shall be released! I have set the ransom of My blood so you will know … you will know. They shall be known in the heavens. They are Mine! They are Mine. And I am yours, I am yours, and I am theirs. And they shall know Me.

And now I release an abundance of peace … an abundance of strength for the weak. And oh … your joy shall overflow. Oh, your joy shall overflow. Get ready to live! Get ready to live!”

If you find this song to be helpful, please leave a comment.


  1. The song is beautiful and it helped me yesterday because many of the statements spoke to me personally. But I think the lyrics are not completely correct. For instance the beginning sounds like "(Did you know that) the hall of heaven..." to me, and the end seems to be "your joy shall overflow" repeated twice, and there may be a few other instances in between, I would have to listen closely again to point them out.

  2. Linde,

    I've had a hard time understanding the exact lyrics in this song and welcome your help. I'll make the changes you suggested and welcome any additional feedback.