During my sabbatical (May through the end of October 2012), God spoke to me through this song in very powerful ways. Since the message of this song has been so pivotal for me in my walk with Jesus, I took the time to type the words out so you could follow along as you listen. There are a couple of words and phrases I'm not sure of. If you can understand them, please drop me a note so I can correct them. 

Before listening to the song, let me encourage you to prepare your heart by praying through the listening prayer guidelines. Also, use a set of high quality headphones if you can. Click on the song below. Below are the words:

"There is such a depth of love … there is such depth of wealth in you. There is such a noble well of being loved yet to be released from you. I … love … you!!!"

"I have not forgotten every moment that we’ve shared. And now it’s time for Me to remind you of the very first moments we shared even before I placed you in your mother’s wombs. I spoke to your spirits and I breathed My life into you. And I told you of the great and mighty things that you would do ... the things that you would see that never have been seen before. And you will only grow … grow closer to Me. You shall increase, you shall increase, and you shall run and not grow weary! You shall walk and not faint. And you shall breathe Me in … deep within."

"You shall raise those ones up that I have placed in your care. So you’ve got to remember who I’ve made you to be. For if one word can describe you – it shall be fearless! You shall look fear dead in the face … and turn away … and turn away. You shall not fear for you will always know that I am near."

"And You will teach the greater things. You will restore the former things. And you will fly … you will fly even as the eagles take wind and make their mud beyond thick walls. You shall be trained in your eyes to see evil from afar and before it even comes close to where you are … You shall be soaring on it. You shall fly and you shall soar. You shan't be grounded anymore. And when you fly, oh my, no one will show you where to go."

"And even now I’m increasing your sensitivity … your sensitivity … no more dullness! Refreshment … and an abundance of peace … for your release … an abundance of peace … for your release."

"Fearless" by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera 

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5 ESV 

Revised on February 3, 2017

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