Discipleship from the Inside Out Life Skills

Discipleship from the Inside Out Life Skills

Too many people … are fixated at a stage of spiritual immaturity that current models of discipleship have not addressed.
Peter Scazzero, The Emotionally Healthy Church

God has gifted The Navigators and the body of Christ with many wonderful and extremely helpful tools to help us to deeply know Christ and use in the grand task of reaching the lost and making disciples of all nations. In today’s world there are increasing numbers of people who have wounds, difficulties they struggle with, and places in their hearts that ordinary approaches to discipleship have not fully penetrated. We need to add a few new inside out discipleship life skills to the wonderful tools God has already gifted us with in order to grow in our effectiveness in reaching and discipling today’s increasingly broken people. Following are 6 inside out life skills that each laborer can be trained in and add to their skill. See the well-done short video presentation that will challenge your paradigm. (Link to DIO video) Click on the purple text to left open video.

LISTENING PRAYER ————————————————————————————

Learning to tune in and to discern God’s communication in order to increasingly be nurtured, directed, and led in life and ministry by the Holy Spirit was one of the key unseen realities that Jesus promised to us after His death, burial and resurrection. It is a foundational’ inside out’ discipleship life practice because it moves us beyond the limitations of the five senses and increasingly into the unseen real world of God and His power to reveal that which is otherwise hidden (2 Corinthians 4: 18). (Link to LP video testimony) (Link to LP Storyboard) Click on the purple text to left open each video.
INNER-HEALING PRAYER —————————————————————————

We all grew up in the same fallen world experiencing wounds and disappointments that we have failed to fully acknowledge and resolve. It is not a question of whether we have been wounded, but more of its severity and of how much healing we have received. Unaddressed woundedness is the number one problem that is holding back the multiplication of healthy generations to reach the world for Christ in our generation. It also hinders the family from being a healthy and safe environment for the nurture of children. (Isaiah 61:1-3) (Link: IHP video testimony) (Link: IHP Storyboard) Click on the purple text to left open each video.

RELATIONAL HEALING ——————————————————————————

Jesus said the world would see the reality of who He is by the love that believers demonstrate in their intimate relationships with one another. Unfortunately Christian fellowships, marriages and families are often marred by feelings of deep hurt, betrayal, division and unforgiveness. We desperately need help and training to apply biblical principles to our relationships so that the vibrant life of God would permeate our marriages, families, and fellowships. (John 13:35 and 17:21) (Link to RH video testimony) (Link: RH Storyboard)

INTO THE LIGHT  ————————————————————————————

Our society is saturated with an obsessive emphasis on the sensual and the sexual. Today’s people are bombarded with sexual images from a very early age so that most find themselves in deep struggles in the area of sexual purity, gender confusion, and other identity related struggles. These struggles produce a great deal of shame and hiding. While these struggles are hidden they tend to fester and get increasingly worse: We are only as sick as our secrets. We need help, encouragement and safe places where these struggles can be fully brought into the light so that the healing power of the Spirit of God within the Body of Christ can set the captive increasingly free. (1 John 1:6-10) (Link: Into theLight video testimony) (Link: Into the Light Storyboard)


Each believer has been entrusted with the very life of God that dwells within us along with spiritual gifts and a special design for a specific function within the body of Christ. However, very little attention has been given to help us discern how God has gifted us and in how to be good stewards of all that has been entrusted to us. As a result, many end up in burn-out and disillusionment. We need special training and help so that over time we can discern our God given design, develop healthy margin so that we do not burn out, and intentionality to fully function within the giftedness that God has placed within each believer. (1 Cor. 12:7-18) (Link: Stewardship of Design video testimony)

REST AND MARGIN —————————————————————————————

When we neglect margin and live in overload, we experience stress without recovery. This often leads to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual burnout. “Busyness is not a synonym for kingdom work. Busyness is what happens when we forget who God is” (Richard Swenson). Practicing the principle of rest gives perspective to life and keeps the important things in focus.   (Link: Margin and Rest video testimony) (link: Margin & Rest Storyboard)

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