Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post # 58 - FREED from a LIVING HELL

“I can’t express how phenomenal the Listening/Healing Prayer has been for me!  I’ve struggled with depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) ever since I was in middle school (I’m 35 now)…. I always felt like I was trapped in my own sort of 'living hell.' 

Through the years I was able to 'cope' with my OCD and depression but I never imagined that God had more for me…that He didn’t just want me to 'cope,' but that He wanted me to be free.  It’s so exciting to begin to know and to experience that freedom…I’m so grateful! My dad struggles with the exact same thing….I can’t wait for him to start down this same path.  

We just recently began training some of our leaders at our church on the concept of Listening/Healing Prayer and God is transforming all of us through it…it’s amazing!  Yay God!  All of that to say, thank you also for everything you are doing to help all of us through this; your resources are wonderful and soo soo helpful!!

Have a wonderful day!!
Tarwacki from Granger, Indiana, USA”

When God does incredible things in your life, He wants you to share what HE has done with others! This brings glory to Him, encourages others in their healing journey, and can help spread this Mission of the Messiah from Isaiah 61:1-4 to the uttermost parts of the earth.

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