Sunday, September 1, 2013


"You Speak" by Audrey Assad
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"You liberate me from my own noise and my own chaos" is the first line of the song "You Speak" by Audrey Assad

Thank You Lord Jesus when I get overwhelmed by circumstances and relationships that come my way, ... I can turn to You. How incredible it is when You take the burden I've been carrying and rescue me from the midst of the storm I find myself in.

"In the silence of the heart You speak," the song continues.

How grateful I am for those special times when You help me move out of my head and into my heart. How I love it when You communicate into my innermost being!

Audrey continues to sing, "You satisfy me till I am quiet and confident in the work of the Spirit that I cannot see."

I taste and I can now see for myself that You are truly good. Though I cannot see You physically, I perceive You in the way You move in my heart and through my life.

"Speak in the silence of my heart. Liberate me from the voice in my head, God. In the silence of my heart You speak."

I worship YOU Father, Son and Holy Spirit as YOU are calling me forth to be the person YOU created me to be and to fulfill the destiny YOU had in YOUR heart for me before the foundation of the world. You are truly amazing!

Download "You Speak" by Audrey Assad from her latest album titled "Fortunate Fall" from iTunes, Amazon, or your favorite mp3 download site. (Note: clicking on blue or purple text will link you to additional scripture or teaching.)

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