Sunday, March 9, 2014


By Ron van der Veen
 An architect & musician by trade

I was with a friend a few nights ago talking about our lives at 50 plus and how we often feel we haven't “done enough” for the gospel.  When I was out of work I had some discussions about this with God and He gave me these impressions as I listened to Him

How big does a piece of art need to be in order to be proclaimed a “masterpiece”?

Many of the greatest works of art in history are small in size, the Mona Lisa and Silent Night to name a few. 

In the Master Artist's hands my life is a masterpiece because of what He is creating. 

In the Kingdom of God of Christian ministry I haven't been a big "doer" getting lots done. I am probably a bit of a disappointment to those eager to move the gospel along.   

But move that all away and consider the important work my Master Artist is doing inside of me. He is answering this long held desire to know Him deeply. And this answer to my prayer and genuine desire is something really beautiful ....  carving out clay, creating forms to make something really lovely and meaningful.  Balancing colors and musical harmonies. 

Others in our kingdom might be Beethoven's 9th, or The Night Watch, or Las Meninas by Velazquez. I am now understanding I might not have handled that success or glamour very well. But as a simple song or painting or piece of sculpture I can be equally complex, exquisitely crafted and lovely. 

My simple little life with all my faults, limitations and flaws, all that Ron is, Everything that keeps me from being who I really am and was suppose to be; these are all the materials Jesus, my Master Artist is using to make this all into a beautiful little masterpiece

This layoff gives me time to step back and look at His creation. It gave me the time to know I am being made into something beautiful inside. 


  1. Well said. Been thinking about comparison alot lately. When we start comparing our "masterpiece" to others it is simply - sin. In fact I shared that with a group of young moms recently and one of them said, I'm going to spell it in my mind when I start comparing - compariSIN!!!

  2. Thanks for your excellent word about comparing "masterpieces."