Monday, October 26, 2015


I haven’t posted on the L2G Forum for just over two weeks. I was using all my spare time to prepare for an action packed 10-day trip to Grants Pass, Oregon. It started with a ‘Prayer Renewal Retreat’ for 16 pastors that coworker Mark Looyenga and I were asked to lead on the Oregon Coast - October 18-20.
Then I had the privilege of speaking about ‘Meeting God in Our Broken Places’ at 4 different Grants Pass churches in order to recruit people to the below event.
The highlight of the trip was co-teaching a 3-day ‘Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer’ seminar October 22-24 with prayer author and friend, Cynthia Bezek. God accomplished incredible feats in the hearts of most of the 136 people who took part in this happening.
Just before leaving for Colorado on Sunday afternoon October 25, I was honored to give the morning sermon at one of the largest Grants Pass churches on the healing of relationships.
As I entered our Colorado Springs home Sunday night at 9 pm, I was weary and worn … but also thrilled at all that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit had accomplished in the hearts of His Oregonian people. Here are a dozen high-points from the 3-day seminar.
·       “Today I met God! Prayer isn’t about ‘trying harder.’ It’s about being still and letting God be in control.”
·       “Praise the Lord I have been released from the bondage of holding all my pain in and never crying. I am soaring like an eagle above all the things on earth. Praise Him: I am healed!”
·       “An incredible journey I would recommend to everyone!”
·       “For the first time, I know what it means to experience God!”
·       “God released me from the lie that I had to keep my hurts to myself and bury them, that I am all alone. Now I can open up to God and others.”
·       “He reminded me of His great love for me. He also healed my hardened heart.”
·       “God made me the way I am on purpose. He is pleased with me.”
·       “He revealed very encouraging / comforting truths as opposed to the very devastating lies I have been taught and learned myself.”
·       “I was given the tools to help me heal from past hurts, to believe the truth and not the lies of the enemy.”
·       “God gave me a clear and simple way of interacting with Him in relationship.”
·       “When you ask God for healing, He will respond!”
·       “He set me free from a childhood lie I’d bought into.”
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