Monday, April 4, 2016


ANGER is “the emotion of self-preservation of one’s worth, needs and convictions.”
By Les Carter & Frank Minirth, The Anger Workbook, Thomas Nelson, 1993.

Anger, in itself, is not bad. There is good anger and bad anger. “Be angry and sin not” indicates that not all anger is sinful: anger may be productive, useful and helpful.

Anger is a God-given emotional response to a perception of being treated unjustly. It is an emotion that is designed to lead us into productive and constructive action.

Anger turns into sin when it is harbored and allowed to breed resentment, hatred, a vengeful spirit, bitterness, wrath, and/or a critical spirit. Anger can also be buried within leading to passive behavior, withdrawal and disconnection.

What are your thoughts about anger?

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