Thursday, June 28, 2012

SPECIAL POST # 2 - Continue to Pray for Colorado Springs

The mayor of Colorado Springs told a Wednesday June 28 afternoon news conference that 346 homes on 35 streets have been destroyed by the Waldo Canyon fire, making it the most destructive fire in Colorado history. Most of these homes were destroyed on Tuesday evening and Wednesday June 26 & 27 from midnight to dawn when a 65 mph thunderstorm winds hurled flames down the mountain and across Queens Canyon into the Springs neighborhoods of the Flying W Ranch and Mountain Shadows. Although this is the most tragic event in the history of this beautiful mountain city, so far no lives have been lost, nor have there been any serious injuries. In all likelihood this is due to the international outpouring of concern and prayer from people all around the world. 

In the last 30 hours, temperatures have dropped by about 10 degrees, winds have died down, and the humidity has increased from 7% to between 20 & 40% so that firefighters have been able to increase the containment of the blaze from 5% to 10%.

Glen Eyrie was purchased and developed by the founder of Colorado Springs, General Palmer, shortly after the Civil War. In the early 1950’s it was purchased by Dawson Trotman and has served as the international headquarters of The Navigators for the last 60 years. Though evacuated since last Saturday and dangerously close to where the devastation took place of Tuesday and Wednesday, it has not been damaged.

At the same time the wildfire is still extremely dangerous and the city is still very vulnerable should the record heat return, wind directions change and increase, or other unforeseen setbacks take place. Over 1,000 elite firefighters from cities across our country are valiantly fighting for our city. Please continue to uphold the people and city of Colorado Springs before God asking Him to show mercy and send soaking rains to Colorado. Also ask Him to use these difficult times to work deeply in the hearts of people and bring glory to His name.

This report from CBS News captures the heartache that many residents of our city are going through. 

My heartfelt thanks to the people around the world who are praying for our city and her people, Rusty Rustenbach


  1. PS Many of my Navigator coworkers lost their home and possessions in the fire - please pray for them.

  2. It sounds like things are somewhat better. We will continue to pray for better fire fighting weather. Thanks for keeping us up to date!