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“Mending the cracked places in our hearts is not about becoming emotional geologists who must analyze everything that’s ever happened to us or figure out where we went wrong. If our foolish thinking is what placed us in bondage, how are we going to think our way out of our predicament? We need God to illuminate His truth.” 
 Source: A Guide for Listening and Inner-healing Prayer, p 37.

The word God speaks to us is incredibly powerful. Think back on the Genesis account of how life began. God spoke, and all that we see, touch, and know came into existence because of the power contained in His living voice. God’s same creative force is at work when He communicates to us in personal ways. He can call into being a nurturing that we may have missed due to neglect and abuse. He can tell us who we truly are and thoroughly regenerate the essence of our very beings. He can slay the shame we carry due to the abuses we’ve experienced. Nothing, not one thing, is too difficult for Him (Jeremiah 32:17)! 

"In beginning His ministry by reading from Isaiah 61, Jesus sought to revolutionize the concept we might have of God’s character and His ardent compassion for us. His attributes qualify Him as the ultimate resource for the mending of the heart. He’s omniscient, so He knows absolutely everything about us. He’s omnipresent, so He was there when we were wounded and is fully present as we go through the healing process. His omnipotence means He has the power to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. His upside-down and inside-out approach contrasts sharply with the religious professionals of His day and ours — Hallelujah, Immanuel! God is truly with us and for us.
He brings a radical passion for binding up the shattered places in our core and freeing us from our inner captivity.”
Source: A Guide for Listening and Inner-healing Prayer, p 37.


What are some instances or ways that God has spoken to you in a personal way:

  1. Though His written Word?
  2. Through another person?
  3. Through thoughts or inner impressions He has sent to you?
  4. Through pictures or images He’s given you?
  5. Other ways He has spoken to you? 

We’d love to hear how God has spoken to you. So would others who read this blog from countries and cities all around the world.

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