Sunday, December 9, 2012


Opening the Door to the Messy and Miraculous Process of Inner Healing Prayer

The following is an article written by award-winning author, speaker, and certified Christian life coach Mary Yerkes. It was originally published in the Spring/Summer 2012, Issue 10.2 edition of “Conversations: A Forum for Authentic Transformation.” Mary gave me her permission and wants this article of be used of God with as many people as possible. So share it by sending the link to your friends.

Melissa tried to steady her voice as she spoke. Workplace bullying by a coworker had jeopardized her health to the point where, in her own words, she was “ready to go over the edge.” To make matters worse, Melissa’s supervisor not only failed to take corrective action, he invalidated her pain, urging Melissa to forgive her aggressor and just move on since, after all, Melissa was a Christian. Now her abuser was up for a promotion — a promotion that would make her Melissa’s boss.

As she spilled her pain, I listened, asking God for wisdom and discernment. A thought formed in my mind: Every authority figure in her life has failed her, leaving her deeply wounded. When the thought persisted, I asked Melissa permission to share it. As I did, she let out a heart-wrenching cry, and began sobbing uncontrollably. When the crying stopped, she shared a horrific story of childhood abuse, molestation, and abandonment.

What began as a conversation between friends became a sacred space, as we talked about how she never felt free to express herself. Like most abuse survivors, she had walled herself in emotionally. Any true expression of herself left her vulnerable to attention and attack. We prayed, inviting Jesus to bind her wounds and heal her broken heart. Nothing remarkable seemed to occur during our prayer time, so I assumed her journey would be a longer one.

Nevertheless, when I saw Melissa a few days later, the change was profound.
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  1. Wonderful story and reminder that God is always at work. How poignant that when we invest in others through obedience,and in spite or our inadequacies and weaknesses; God often brings our own healing and deepens our spiritual transformation. Thank you Rusty for being an instrument of God's healing from the "inside out"!

  2. Great article! Another example of God's amazing healing in lives using normal broken people!