Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Sally Miller

“Would Jesus show up in a group setting the same way He does when we meet with Him alone or in a one-on-one session?”

This was the question before us as five of our team met in a small office in Colorado Springs.  How might inner-healing work in a group setting?  What would it look like? 

The picture of the triangle we use in training people to facilitate inner-healing with another person is really helpful.  The facilitator ask God a question, the Holy Spirit gives the receiver His answer, and tells the facilitator what he or she sensed Him communicate. 
But how would this work in a group?  The steps in the group process are consistent with inner-healing prayer in other settings … the presenting emotion, the root memory, what was believed in the wounding event, praying to renounce the lies, and then asking God to speak His truth that sets the captive free as in John 8:32. We ended our discussion by making a list of pros and cons. The meeting ended, but initially, not a whole lot happened.

It would be months before the Lord put it on my heart to begin meeting with a small group of six people who had group inner-healing prayer on their hearts.  We met once a month for about nine months and began experimenting.  One person would lead the prayer time and wait in between each question until everyone was done writing down what they were hearing from the Lord.  Then we sat together and shared what happened with one other.
It soon became apparent we’d need to have a small group time after the group inner-healing prayer so each person could share what occurred as they listened, ask questions, and get feedback from others.  It was amazing how Jesus ministered to each individual by His Holy Spirit!  OF COURSE, He would show up!  After all, He’s the one that said, “I came to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captive free” (Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4:18).
By then the Lord was asking me to resign from my role with the People Resources Team, a position I really loved, and go into the community to begin leading group healing prayer times.  He provided the people, the financial support, and an incredibly perfect meeting location.
 So after experimenting with the original group, we jumped in.  We began inviting a few people and those people invited others and “His Gathering” became an official tax-deductible ministry.  Now we meet twice a month and have a team of leaders trained to lead the small groups.  There are anywhere from 10 – 30 people that come each time and HE is faithful!

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