Sunday, October 19, 2014

Worshiping the Only Great Worker of Miracles

"Only God works great miracles.
God’s love never fails. With wisdom He made the sky.
God’s love never fails. The Lord stretched the earth over the ocean.
God’s love never fails. He made the bright lights in the sky.
God’s love never fails. He lets the sun rule each day.
God’s love never fails. He lets the moon and the stars rule each night.
God’s love never fails!"
Psalm 136:4-9 CEV

“When all else is changing within and around,
In God and His mercy no change can be found.”

“Jehovah is the great Miracle Maker, the unrivaled Wonder worker. None can be likened unto Him, He is alone in wonderland, the Creator and Worker of true marvels, compared with which all other remarkable things are as child's play.”

"All the works of His unrivaled skill are wrought by Him alone and 
unaided, and to Him, therefore, must be undivided honor.”

"Even when the Lord uses men as His instruments, yet the wonder of the work is His alone; therefore let us not trust in men, or idolize them, or tremble before them.”
The last four quotes were penned by
Charles H. Spurgeon, Treasury of David
(Written in weekly installments in London from 1865-1885)

                               “There are three things here declared of God;
1.    That He doeth wonders,
2.   That the wonders He doeth are great;
3.   That He only doeth them.” 
    Augustine on Psalm 136, in Neale and Littledale

“Whatsoever instruments the Lord is pleased to use in any of
His wonderful works, He alone is the worker, and will not
share the glory of the work with any creature.” 
    David Dickson, 1583-1663, Scottish Theologian

“When you ask great things, you ask such as it becomes God to give,
‘whose mercy is great above the heavens!’ Nothing under heaven
can be too great for Him to give. The greater things He
bestows, the greater glory redounds to his Name.” 
    David Clarkson, 1622-1686, British Theologian

Lord Jesus, would You reveal a recent miracle:
  •  You accomplished in my life so I can give You the glory?
  •  You wrought through my life so I can give You the praise?

Or, Jesus - would You work a miracle in this area of my life? 

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