Sunday, November 23, 2014

"I have a dream!"

A woman who attended one of our seminars also worked through A Guide for Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer. She was so excited about what God did in her life that she decided to lead a healing prayer study in her church with a group of 13 people. When they discussed their homework they divided into two smaller groups (7 women and 6 men) so everyone would have a chance to share. They used the book as their curriculum and met for ten weeks. One of the participants in this study wrote the following testimony of one of her times alone with God. 
“I asked Jesus to search my heart and bring up anything that needed His healing touch. And this is what He said to me.”

“I love you without measure, I will never leave you.”

“I’m not like the fleshly men who wanted to change you because of their insecurities, fears, what they were taught by their parents, and their unhealed wounds. They tried to mold you into their own perverted ways and through their messed up thinking.”

“But I, your Heavenly Father, love you with an unconditional love. I love you with a love that’s not distorted. I am whatever you need Me to be. You will never be alone. On days when you feel alone or lonely, talk to Me and I will give you rest. I will give you peace.”
This story illustrates a truth that a good friend of mine is fond of saying. What God does in you, later He wants to do through you.  
- Dave Legg

"More than forty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. declared, I have a dream. People still get tears in their eyes when they hear that declaration. Why did those words strike home so powerfully for so many people? Probably because every one of us has a dream.

I have one too.

My dream is that church fellowships, local ministries, teams, mission groups, and other bodies of believers will rise up, come out from behind their self-protective facades, and become the healing communities Jesus envisioned. These communities will be characterized by deep vulnerability, compassion for the hurting, sincere love, and the kind of grace that’s impossible apart from God."
Quoted from the final chapter in A Guide for Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer, 2011 Navpress, Kindle Edition.

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