Monday, January 19, 2015

Have Your Way

On Sunday morning as I was spending time alone with God the phrase ‘Have Your Way’ came to mind. I goggled “Have Your Way” and was taken to two songs that stirred my heart, fed my mind, and challenged my will:
  1. Have Your Wayby Deitrich Haddon and
  2. Have Your Way with Me” by Sovereign Grace. (Click on the song title to hear each song)

The primary place where God wants to have His way is in the temple of our hearts. 1 Corinthians 3:16 reminds us we are temples of the Holy Spirit. He resides in our innermost being (John 7:38-39) desiring and deserving preeminence in our thoughts, affections, and decisions. 

Exodus 20:3 is a foundational commandment that teaches us not to allow anything or anyone to rule and control our hearts other than the Three-in-One (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). When we secretly give supremacy to other people or things we are guilty of worshiping false gods just like the idol worshipers of the Old Testament. We are happiest, freest, and most fulfilled when He is sitting on the Throne of our lives. This is the secret to emotional health, well-being, realizing our destiny, and the abundant life Jesus promised us in John 10:10. 

L2G: Use this song to prepare your heart for a time of listening to God.
·      Ask Jesus to give you a picture of  Your heart. (Jot down what he reveals to you on a piece of paper).
·      If there aspects of Your heart that you sense He wants you to adjust, talk this over with Him, and enlist His transformational help.
·      Share what God is doing in your heart with a safe person in your life.
·      Ask the person if they’d like to listening to God with you over this same question.
·      Drop a note to the L2G Forum, anonymously if you prefer, to encourage others in their listening journey.

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  1. Thank you for continuing to help us in the process of listening, and being a great example of being vulnerable and taking off the mask. And for bringing us worship songs to help us engage:))! Thank you!