Sunday, February 8, 2015

READ and SHARE: Addressing Wounds from the Past

Did you ever have a deep cut or broken bone that either didn’t seem to heal, or that began to mend incorrectly? As a boy, I remember receiving six stitches in my forehead after a bad fall. Less than a week after the accident, my forehead began to swell grotesquely. The stitches were too tight and the doctors had to reopen my wound, drain it and re-stitch it. Fortunately, they put me to sleep before they intervened, as the pain would have been even greater than the original wound. I still carry the scar and a small bump on my forehead as a reminder.

The emotional scars we carry on the inside where no one can see them are just like what happened to my forehead. They need to be faced, handled with wisdom and thoroughly mended. If not, they will fester, swell, and infect us for the rest of our lives.

The healing process complicates greatly when unresolved and imprinting childhood hurts are denied, stuffed and secretly buried within us. However, like my forehead, these wounds can be re-opened, examined, disinfected and cleansed. The process will usually be painful, but the hope of true inner healing makes it worth the trouble.

The alternative is scary because buried emotions continue to secretly exercise their influence over us and will usually precipitate a crisis in our adult years. In this sense, early adulthood and mid-life can offer us a unique opportunity to deal with issues that we found too difficult to handle in childhood, adolescence and early adulthood.

How about you? Where are you at in your healing journey?
a)   In denial.
b)   Too terrified to look into the past for fear of being overwhelmed.
c)    I’m just becoming aware of some wounds I'll need to address.
d)   I’m in the middle of a healing process.
e)   By God’s grace, I've addressed most of the wounds in my past.
f)    ?

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