Sunday, August 30, 2015


It wasn’t their swords that empowered Israel to possess the land. It wasn’t their muscular strength that gave them victory. But it was God’s great power [His arm] and strength [His right hand]. You were with them and favored them with the light of Your countenance because You loved and delighted in them.

My God, You alone are my King. Your commands led Jacob’s people to victory. Yes, You spoke these victories into reality for Your chosen ones. It is only because of Your supernatural intervention that we are able to push back and resist our enemies. I will not trust my bow to help me. My sword can’t save me or give me victory. It is only because You rescued me {over and over again} from all of my foes and gift me with success that I am able to go forward. 

We will praise You each and every day; we will give thanks to Your name forever. (Paraphrased from Psalm 44:3-9)

I came to faith in Christ around my 21st birthday out of extreme lostness and depravity. I have been walking with Jesus … often three steps forward and two backwards ... for 45 years. I used to think I chose to follow and serve Christ as though it was something I somehow achieved.

More recently it has become more and more clear to me that the truth is that God the Father somehow saw me and knew me before I was even placed in my mother’s womb … and that He decided to delight in me. Obviously, it is not my personality and giftedness in speaking, writing or counseling that has opened the doors for me to be engaged in what I am doing today.

It is by the pure and unadulterated grace of My Creator who decided to set His love on me that I was lifted out of the mud and mire of the pit of despair that entrapped me. He is the One who set my feet on solid ground and has steadied me as I have walked along. He is also the Person who gave me the new song that I am singing. If you know and are walking with Him, you are here for the same reason.

Zephaniah 3:17 is a truly remarkable verse of Scripture. “I Delight in You” is a video montage set to this verse by John Nuttall. Click anywhere on the picture below to meet God in a special way as you worship Him through this unusual song. 


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  1. Washed in His delight after reading/listening/watching!!!!